49 — Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

a.k.a: Sir Isaac Newton

Occupation: Scientist

Born: 1642

Died: 1726

Brief Description:
Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, England. He was the only son of a local farmer who died three months before his birth. When he was three years old, his mother remarried and left him with his grandmother. The lack of his mother’s attention and his hate towards his step-father are believed to have been the cause of his insecurities and paranoia later in life.

In 1661, Newton left for Cambridge University, thus entering a new world, one he could eventually call his own. While at Cambridge, he first got exposed to mathematics and became fascinated by the works of Euclid and Descartes. In the years that followed his bachelor’s degree, Newton made his greatest contribution to mathematics and discovered the law of universal gravitation.

Newton was known for his advancements in mathematics, optics, astronomy as well as mechanics and gravitation. His work ‘Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica’ is regarded as one of the most important scientific books ever written.

Why he’s on the list:
First of all, Newton never married. Bachelors FTW!
Note: Many people on this list are bachelors but I will not keep on repeating this so keep it in mind…

Especially in the earlier part of his life, Newton was a deeply introverted character and fiercely protective of his privacy and had outbursts of violent temper. Personally, I love introverted people. They’re usually the skilled thinkers and the most interesting to talk to.

Newton graduated from Cambridge without honors. As much as I find successful college dropouts and school failures annoying, I have special affinity for those who actually graduated without any sign of distinction.
Nonetheless, the first hints of Newton’s brilliance could already be found in his boyhood inventions. He created sundials, wooden clocks, water wheels and even a mouse-powered mill.
The result: Newton is generally regarded as the most original and influential theorist in the history of science. And as such, he gets a place on my list.

4 thoughts on “49 — Isaac Newton

    • Thank you.
      Pop culture has made it cool to be a successful dropout. It’s not!
      The success is what capitalist societies admire regardless of the fact that the person is a dropout.
      (And a dropout without success is usually considered a loser.)
      Inaccurately combining the two into a stereotype respected by society is retarded.
      I agree that success in life is quite unrelated to being a dropout or a school failure but it does not mean one should not be educated or master his school material.
      Education and financial success are two independent topics and should remain as such…

  1. I kinda agree with what you said, Education is very important, to me personally books are more important than cake :pP ; yet your examples i think are a bit out of place, since these guys and yet they were school dropouts/ failures, they were very educated actually they were more educated than school educated people, they were masters of not only their subject but of many other subjects too. see education is as important as the air we breath, yet education has many paths. one of which and the least effective/productive these days is through school/college. these school drop outs had a strong reason to leave that kind of education. one size fits all is very dangerous and these geniuses realized this early on, it kills creativity which is a very important part of education. Today the school/ college type of education is miserable. universities are so money oriented and greedy yet their services are so below the lowest standards. as for school lets not even go there. and all we have is half educated ppl who go out bragging about how smart and great they are, and get paid for fucking our already fucked up societies and life goes on.I think sb said that half educated is worse than no educated at all. I dont really know which is worse, but i definitely know that there is sth really wrong with the whole educational system. Finland did sth different and many studies show that they actually have the best system today, followed by South Korea if I remember well. so basically all I wanted to say is I agree with you that education is a must but I think that schools and universities today can not provide any effective education.

    • I agree for the most part and I would actually encourage people to dropout if they felt it was a waste of their time and they were not learning anything useful or new, provided they continue their quest for knowledge in their own way.
      What I am against, is for dropping out to be hailed as a quality. It’s never a quality regardless how society tries to frame it.

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