The title is self-explanatory. The blog will briefly cover a countdown of my 50 favorite people.

The brief descriptions are far from exhaustive and rather over-simplified. The reason being that the purpose of this blog is not to write biographies but to simply list and discuss the virtues or vices that fascinate me in these people.
So by looking back at this blog a few years from now, I’ll constantly be reminded of the qualities I value and hopefully never lose track… (or realize how immature I was at some point in my life – highly unlikely though).

“The multitude of deeds to be treated is so great that I shall make no other preface than to entreat my readers, in case I do not tell of all the famous actions of these men, nor even speak exhaustively at all in each particular case, but in epitome for the most part, not to complain. For it is not Histories that I am writing, but Lives; and in the most illustrious deeds there is not always a manifestation of virtue or vice, nay, a slight thing like a phrase or a jest often makes a greater revelation of character than battles where thousands fall, or the greatest armaments, or sieges of cities. Accordingly, just as painters get the likeness in their portraits from the face and the expression of the eyes, wherein the character shows itself, but make very little account of the other parts of the body, so I must be permitted to devote myself rather to the signs of the soul in men, and by means of these to portray the life of each, leaving to others the description of their great contests.” — Plutarch

The opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the author. (?)

Most people on this list have actually lived at some point in time or are still alive. However, some fictional characters have been included as well because they are way too awesome to be omitted from the list.

Most people on this list are male. However, some females have been included as well for two reasons:
1- To avoid annoying feminists from whining. (If you are one, you’re welcome.)
2- Porn stars and models are way too awesome to be omitted from the list. (This line definitely reflects the views of the author.)

This blog is not about peace or love, so if you’re a hippie, leave now.
This blog is not about traditional role models, so if you’re conservative, leave now.
Most people in this blog are far from being saints, so if you’re easily offended, leave now.
This blog may contain mature content, so if you’re under 18, leave now.

That being said, enjoy the blog. =)

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