44 — Jessica Stoyadinovich


a.k.a: Stoya

Occupation: Porn Star

Born: 1986

Died: Not Yet

Brief Description:
Stoya was born in North Carolina of a Serbian father and a Scottish mother. She was home-schooled and got her high-school diploma before the age of sixteen. Later, she moved to Delaware to attend college but dropped out. She then moved to Philadelphia where she started to pose for photo-shoots (with her clothes on). Gradually, she started posing nude then doing girl-on-girl scenes and eventually, everything else…

She is an exclusive contract performer for Digital Playground and is regarded as their first alt porn contract girl.
Her stage name “Stoya” was her nickname before appearing in adult films and is the shortened version of her family’s last name.
In 2009, Stoya won AVN’s Best New Starlet.

Why she’s on the list:
Technically, Stoya is not my favorite porn star: I don’t really have a favorite porn star but I do love porn stars in general. I also like the concept of porn and the idea of selling pleasures and fantasies.
I happen to love girls with huge plastic boobs, multiple piercings and full-back and sleeves tattoos. But Stoya lacks all these, so why her?
I don’t know. Maybe because she’s a porn star that just doesn’t fit the stereotype.

Physically, I like the fact that she’s relatively thin and tall with a strong contrast between her dark hair and light skin.
Intellectually, Stoya is smart, sharp and witty in a fun way. (At least that’s the public image she projects.)
She also likes to read. Seriously. Bonus points for being mentally twisted.
In general, it seems to me that Stoya is well-suited to be the placeholder and representative of porn stars on my list.

To recap: Porn stars are awesome and Stoya is awesomer so she gets a place on this awesomest list.

4 thoughts on “44 — Jessica Stoyadinovich

  1. heheh great choice, any other female and the guys on your list would vigorously object, but you can never go wrong with a porn start !! :O

  2. ” I also like the concept of porn and the idea of selling pleasures and fantasies.” this sentence is so provoking in many ways.
    I never really cared if a guy/my guy was into porn or not. until i met this guy, we both liked each other a lot . all was great until the day i realized he didn’t know what foreplay was. I mean seriously the whole thing was so frustrating, still is ” because I really wanted it to work, physically, and tried my best”. so I was wondering why it didn’t work and the only logical reason is that this guy’s sexual education was through porn. he thought that by just putting his fingers down there for a second then push his D and start moving, that was sex. he thought that kissing and touching was limited to a relationship. the guy was not even well endowed, which means he needs to work on other ways to give/get maximum pleasure.

    foreplay in sex is something vital, and porn only shows a mechanical raw type of sex, a very unrealistic one. many people are sexually dissatisfied and many have crazy expectations. like a guy can not expect a woman to go on top of him and start having this amazing mind blowing sex just like that. it takes time, bodies need to get used to each other, and then this amazing sex will come. women need a lot of foreplay to get turned on especially in the beginning. maybe porn would be ok, if young guys were being sex educated before they start watching porn and thus they would know that its only acting and nothing to do with how things work in reality.

    • Haha. I enjoyed reading your comment.
      I just think you should blame it on your boyfriend’s lack of experience rather than on an entire industry.

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